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Persons with Disabilities and Access to COVID-19 vaccination

With COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out around the world, serious concerns have raised about how persons with disabilities will access the vaccinations. The disability movement has legitimate questions about prioritization of persons with disabilities and their support networks to vaccinations, accessibility of vaccination processes, related information and venues, and provision of vaccines on the basis of free and informed consent of all persons with disabilities.

Together with our key partner the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), we have initiated advocacy at global, regional and national levels to ensure maximizing prioritization, inclusion, and accessibility of persons with disabilities in the rollout and distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. We are particularly interested to publish views, concerns and experiences from persons with disabilities around the world about accessing the vaccines. If you have a view to sharing or a story to tell about COVID vaccinations,
please email Camila Petzoldt at [email protected]

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